Thornton Park Farm

Positioned perfectly in the Lincolnshire countryside. Clarke Group have recently completed the construction of this 24m x 110m, 32,000 bird Free Range laying unit.

Having spent time with Jim discussing his requirements and future expansion plans, a design and layout was finalised to house his brand-new Big Dutchman Natura 284.

Patience was key when ensuring the unit complied to the most up to date welfare standards; calculating the exact meterage of pop hole space and ensuring they were equally spread to accommodate each 4,000-bird colony.

Jim’s new unit is one of the very first in the UK to use a ground source heat pump to improve bird welfare, production and litter quality.

The system provides a filtered fresh air supply at the front of the house which is heated or cooled using a GeoCube heat pump to maintain a consistent air temperature regardless of the outside temperature. The air is distributed down the shed, allowing for an even air and temperature distribution.

Clarke Group Features

  • Clear span CE marked steel frame
  • Juniper Green external cladding to blend naturally with the countryside surroundings
  • Insulated catching & pop hole doors manufactured in the same RAL Colour as the unit
  • Detached steel frame building to permanently house the muck trailer
  • Shared design to incorporate egg packer, nests and ventilation into one set of working drawings

Jim Turner

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