Beech Poultry Farm

Clarke Group were approached by Stewart Adams and Ashley Brough to provide a full turnkey package for a 6-house broiler project in Lincolnshire. Having worked with the client on numerous occasions previously we were more than happy to submit a proposal for this farm.

With an objective for the scheme to focus heavily on increased levels of sustainability and improved biosecurity a number of technologies have been utilised, including; heat exchangers, underfloor heating, ground source heat pumps, 1000kW PV installation, 904kW battery backup storage and rainwater harvesting designed to reduce the carbon footprint of the farm.

A central 20ft wide corridor has been built connecting all the poultry houses. Inside this corridor is the farm managers office with toilets, showers, and a canteen. Upon entry, all farm workers will shower and dress in laundered clothes in order to enter the bio secure area. Once entered, there is no need for any person to leave this area during working hours whilst also having access to all six poultry houses. Viewing windows are installed to each house allowing visual inspection from the corridor area. This building design hugely reduces the risk of AI and other pathogens entering the bird area.

The farm is now in operation and is producing fantastic results.


Beech Farm Ltd


Beech Farm, Grantham


Ashley Brough and I, decided to engage with Clarke Group Construction Limited to develop Beech Farm into an innovative, modern, state of the art broiler facility. I have a poultry farming background and have enjoyed successful outcomes with projects delivered by Clarke Group previously.

A design brief was established with the highest standards of animal welfare, bio-security techniques carbon reduction and renewable energy all coordinated to create the reference site that sets the future standards for sustainable chicken production, whilst reducing energy costs for the farm.

The installation was constructed to include heat exchangers, misting, rainwater harvesting, photo-voltaic cells delivering 1MW of electricity, battery storage, underfloor heating and ground source heating. A central corridor was designed to enable the farm manager to access all six sheds without going outside during the working shift, to reduce outside contamination and risk of disease.

The project took just under a year to complete. We are both delighted with Beech Farm and proud of the investment. The quality of work delivered by Clarke Group was excellent, with superb attention to detail by the team during construction. The project was also delivered on time.

Stewart Adams & Ashley Brough – Beech Farm Ltd

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