Pullet Rearing

Clarke Group Pullet Rearing Houses are meticulously designed to integrate the most technologically advanced rearing systems to ensure your birds get the best possible start to life.

  • Built to an agreed schedule to ensure the time sensitive pullets are delivered to the laying house exactly on time.
  • Our in house design team will ensure your unit is engineered to suit whichever rearing system you decide is best for your flock.
  • We understand the importance of ensuring the building is 100% airtight. Guaranteeing the correct temperature without losing efficiency through air leaks is of paramount importance.
  • Consideration is given to the placement and removal of flocks when selecting door positions.
  • Expert advice on how you can integrate renewable energy to provide heat, power and water to the building.
  • Full light proofing of all doors, inlets, exhausts and windows to eradicate light ingress.

Our Commercial Manager is in continual contact with industry equipment suppliers and welfare professionals to ensure our buildings comply with the most up to date requirements. Revisions are implemented on introduction of new standards.

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