Free-Range Laying Houses

Clarke Group Laying Houses are complete with all the attributes required to meet the most up to date RSPCA welfare standards for laying hens.

  • Close communication with the nest supplier from day one to ensure our buildings are manufactured to suit both both modern multi-tier systems and the more traditional flat deck systems.
  • Our in-house CAD design will generate working designs showing the integration of nest boxes.
  • Ventilation systems, natural or forced, are designed and managed to maintain air quality throughout the building.
  • Consideration is given to the placement and removal of flocks when selecting door positions.
  • Fully automatic insulated pop holes are opened and closed using a scheduled motor. This allows the hens access to the range during periods detailed in the welfare standards.
  • Pop hole numbers and sizes are calculated with exact bird numbers in mind.
  • Egg collection and storage takes place in the main store which is lined throughout with a white, easy-clean steel lining and can be located at one end or in the middle of the house. Additional rooms can be built e.g. Office, WC and Water Tank storage.
  • UPVC Windows and personnel doors are installed throughout to give a high class, longer lasting finish.

Our Commercial Manager is in continual contact with industry equipment suppliers and welfare professionals to ensure our buildings comply with the most up to date requirements. Revisions are implemented on introduction of new standards.

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